AW Nord

The Anlaufstelle NORD / Hamburg supports those affected who have experienced sexism or sexualised violence at events and are looking for support. We stand in solidarity with all those affected, regardless of gender, sexuality, age or origin.

At the centre of this Awareness contact point is counselling for those affected. But also organisers, local awareness groups and interested people from the region can contact us and be supported with information and training on awareness. As part of the Awareness Institute, we are also a hub for awareness activists from the Hamburg region.

What we offer:

We support survivors of sexual violence

You have experienced sexism or sexualised violence at an event or have witnessed something that you would like to report? We can help you find a way to deal with it. We offer you individual counselling to discuss further steps of action together. Counselling is anonymous and available for adults. If you wish, we can pass on your concerns to the organisers or accompany you to a clarifying discussion.

You are in the right place if…

  • your boundaries have been crossed in the club
  • you were looking for support at an event but no one was available to help you
  • you notice in the line-up that an artist is performing who has a history of discriminatory behaviour
  • you were given substances against your will at a party
  • you were subjected to sexual violence at a festival
  • and much more…


via phone

Mondays: 13 – 14 Uhr,
Thursday: 15 – 16 Uhr

+49 176 21 39 11 99

Sometimes there is no answer during the telephone hours. Feel free to send us an email.

for affected people

For organizers

You are an organizer and want to find out more about awareness in the Hamburg region? We have useful resources and contacts to awareness activists who develop and offer concepts and trainings on awareness.

Contact us

You want to contact us?
Write us a mail

How do we work?

Those affected always come first with us. It is important to us that we are in solidarity with you and confidential, so that you can feel comfortable being in contact with us. We work according to the principle of power of definition and take your experiences seriously. We strengthen you in your power to act and always move at your pace. You decide how to deal with a situation and we support you on your way.

Network NORD / Hamburg

You live in the region, are active in awareness work, have experience in moderation,  mediation, conflict management or transformative justice? Would you like to exchange ideas on awareness issues in Hamburg?

Contact us