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contact point SÜD / Freiburg

The Contact Point SÜD / Freiburg is linked to the A*Team Freiburg [insert link to page]. We offer counselling for victims, awareness groups and organisers in the region of Freiburg and in the south of Germany. We ally ourselves with all those who are affected by structural violence and empower each other to act against this violence!

what we offer:

Counseling for people affected by crossed boundaries and violence

 We support you if you are affected by violence or if your boundaries were crossed!

– We listen to you, believe you and we are on your side. You can tell us what you want, we offer you space for reflection in a confidential setting without pressure to act – nothing has to happen!

– We support you in formulating your wishes and demands and, if necessary, in communicating them to others:

  • Organisers
  • your personal environment
  • Organisers of events in public spaces
  • Bar and club operators
  • Local political actors
  • Persons relevant to the scene
  • The perpetrator of violence and their circle of friends or the structures in which they move

– We support you if you want your environment and/or that of the person who has behaved violently towards you to be involved. To do this, we contact groups that are familiar with community accountability and/or transformative justice processes.

– If you wish, we can support you in contacting specialized counseling centers and/or in finding a place in therapy.


via phone

Monday: 13 – 18
Thuesday: 10 – 15
Wednesday 10 – 15 Uhr,
Friday 10-14 Uhr

+49 152 58 94 71 13
+49 341 23 23 53 69

Telegram and Signal: +49 152 58 94 71 13

We prefer contact via Telegram and Signal because of higher data security.

We would be happy to arrange a digital or analogue consultation appointment with you or talk to you in a chat channel.

Who counsels with us?

We are a group of people who have been affected by different forms of discrimination, such as sexism, racism, transphobia, ableism, saneism and classism. We aim to offer peer-to-peer counselling whenever possible, so that you have someone in front of you who can relate to the structures of violence in which your experience happened. So, feel free to write us what you need in order to feel safe in a counselling context and we will try to make it possible.

You want to contact us?
Write us a mail

 Who is behind it?

We are the A*Team Freiburg: a politically active group that deals with violence and discrimination at events (parties, protests, etc.), in groups (political groups, house projects, etc.), and in public spaces. We want to work with an attitude that is critical of structural domination. This means: we understand interpersonal violence not as an individual case, but in the context of discriminatory conditions.

By this we mean in particular patriarchal, post-colonial, cis- & heteronormative and capitalist relations as well as social exclusions based on psychological and physical norms.

Our goal is: to create social awareness for these structural power relations and to support people who are disadvantaged by them and experience interpersonal violence.

Here you can find more information about the A*Team Freiburg, an event calendar with all the events where you can meet us and much more:

Network South

We want to support a regular exchange and contact between the many different awareness groups and contexts in southern Germany. For this purpose we are in contact with awareness groups, event collectives and individuals in Southern Germany.

You want to be on our mailing list? Write us here: hey-ateam[at]

At the moment we are networked with the following awareness groups:

  • Teestube Singen
  • Karlsruhe
  • Zelle Reutlingen
  • Offenburg
  • Tübingen
  • Awarenetz Schweiz