Awareness Institut

the Awareness Institute

The Awareness Institute was founded in 2021 to offer training and further education, especially for awareness workers and activists in the events sector (e.g. clubs and festivals). The Awareness Institute is an association of initiatives, individuals and collectives that offer workshops and trainings.


What we offer

You can find out which workshops and trainings are currently offered on the website and at the institute, where you can also register as an individual. You can request workshops and trainings as an organisation/organiser/crew or you can get trained for awareness work in an awareness team.

In the future, a one-year awareness training course for awareness activists is planned.

what we offer

our goals

The Awareness Institute wants to strengthen awareness and make it better known. This includes both a broadening and further development of existing approaches and practices. On the other hand, this also includes counteracting the depoliticisation of the approach. For the past three years, some important standards of awareness work have no longer been implemented by newer actors. To counter this, the Awareness Institute provides training and thus communicates the approach, the attitude and quality standards.

Awareness as an attitude and political practice emerged in Germany in 2007 out of social movements, especially queer feminist movements. We want to maintain this closeness and connection with the movement and these important aspects of the movement. That’s why the Awareness Institute regularly puts the content it conveys up for discussion in movement circles/conferences/networks.

All those who work in the Awareness Institute and give trainings also actively practice awareness work and are part of awareness initiatives/organisations.

Results of discourses and debates are taken up by the Awareness Institute and used to further develop the training content. The knowledge base, on which awareness is built,  is reflected knowledge gained through experience – and that is how it should remain.

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